DailyQ #4: How do you know when to pivot?

How do you know when to pivot? Troy Hoffman goes back to the inner voice and stresses great council before addressing the challenge to pivot. Clarity in your market, data and industry are essential. There is no formula, but ultimately the decision rest on your shoulders. Every leader must escape to make an informed decision.

"Writing clarifies thought." Scott Delong often preaches this to me, "you have to journal the problem and the solutions."

  1. Get clear on the facts.
  2. Identify the problem.
  3. What are the feelings around the facts?
  4. What is the focus of the problem?
  5. What is the fruit you want?

Is the story you're telling yourself true?

You are re-training your mind to focus on what is possible for you, your business and your life. Now your subconscious, your mind, and your reticular activating system is focused on finding the solution to get you the result you want.

Clarity will help you determine whether to pivot or not.

Now go and live your destiny!


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