DailyQ #5: Geniuses strategically placed around you

Who are the geniuses strategically placed around you and why? Troy Hoffman praises those around him, like his brother Zach Hoffman, and advocates staffing your weaknesses.

At 11 years old my brother wanted a day planner for his birthday. Ever since he's built computers himself and conquered every wall. My brother the genius is the reason for our success.

"Where are the weaknesses in your life? How are you going to staff them?"

Find people that fill the gaps of things you don't know. I've been able to fall into great people, like Shawn Livermore, who is a brilliant software engineer and Krista Tittle, whose tenacity and focus enables her to solve any problem. With an elite software and management team we are able to to excel.

Stop lying to yourself, know who you are - your strengths and weaknesses.

Now go and live your destiny!


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