DailyQ #3: Should I chase after my passion or stability?

Do I chase after my passion or stability? What is more important? Troy Hoffman encourages listening to the voice inside that pushes us in one direction or the other. Stability should be a choice. Work with people that are passionate, inspiring and growing personally.

"Those that listen to the voice inside of them -- are guided down paths to places they never thought possible."

Check out Verne Harnish's book, Scaling Up: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, where he explains we all have a concept of our 10 year vision, but are only capable of planning in 90 days.

You can only control the outcomes today! Live in the moment you are in right now. Do the passion, but pay the bills. Go after that vision in your head. However, you can't truly taste your passion without some sense of stability in life. Where in your life do you need stability - food, water, shelter? Find that balance and whatever you decide, remember to learn, develop your skillsets and extract life lessons.

Now go and live your destiny!


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