DailyQ #42: Am I doing the right activities?

Am I doing the right activities to get the result I am seeking? In this week's special series, Troy Hoffman poses some crucial questions for listeners seeking to elevate in all areas of life. Becoming elite at calendaring and time-management is key to building a successful roadmap.

  • Are you doing the right activities?
  • Are you spending your time in the right areas?
  • Are you disciplining yourself specifically to get the results you want?

Sunday planning sessions are key in identifying completed tasks and time spent the previous week. As you become more elite in managing life, you realize time is finite. Those seeking results and success must ensure they are maximizing their calendar. Get clear on where your intention, focus and energy and is directed.

Cheer yourself on as you move the needle forward, because no one else will.

Maintain clarity on the results you seek, so you can course correct when something doesn't work. Course corrections are part of life. Often in business, there's no rules or fixed methods, we create roadways as we go.

If you're running a business, a department, or some aspect of your life, ask yourself: What do I need to stop doing? What do I need to start doing? What do I need to continue doing to keep getting results in my life?

Now go and live your destiny!


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