DailyQ #41: How committed are you?

How committed are you? In this week's special series, Troy Hoffman poses some crucial questions for listeners seeking to elevate in all areas of life. Achieving our goals requires steadfast diligence to burden or conquer daily trials.

How committed are you to whatever you are truly seeking in life? The vision you have for your life, you must commit to seeing it through no matter what. Are you seeing ahead of you?

Prepare yourself for the pain you're willing to endure, the price you're willing to pay, and the sacrifices you're willing to offer. Whatever we do in business or life, our level of commitment, determination, and sacrifice governs how far things move forward. Daily consistency and endurance, through all the problems and drama, over long periods of time is required to succeed.

If you are committed, you will not give up, because every day brings a new challenge. We must remain devout to whatever daily action is required to achieve our goals.

Now go and live your destiny!


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