DailyQ #43: Who is your role model?

Who is your role model that can be a part of your roadmap? In this week's special series, Troy Hoffman poses some crucial questions for listeners seeking to elevate in all areas of life. Seeking knowledge from mentors and role models is key to building success.

Much like franchises provide roadmaps, we must seek guidance to chart our own path. Amway taught me to devour books, tapes, and functions at a young age, which poured thoughts into me beyond my years. Seek interactions with mentors through biographies and identify lessons that can be applied to your own life.

Simple Truman oddities and the habits of Churchill can teach volumes. Furthermore, we may realize acceptance or discover things we want to change about ourselves.

Find acceptance in who you are and the oddities about you.

What made the great's great? What were they thinking? What were their daily activities, the books they read, and the people they hung out with? The commonality: the greats are often simply consistently persistent daily.

So, who is the role model that will help you build your roadmap?

Now go and live your destiny!


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