DailyQ #37: How do you become a CEO?

How do you become a CEO? Troy Hoffman reflects on the duties of a Chief Executive Officer. Ultimately, there is no exact science to the job, but clarity in vision is most important. You must drive the team up a treacherous mountain, open to growth in the process and acceptance of the outcome.

I remember 5-7 years ago googling myself, "What does a CEO do?" I was overwhelmed reading all this information about the daily and weekly activities, but what I realized is - As you grow and learn, you get to decide what that is during the process.

You have to be clear on the vision.

Do not allow people to battle with you, force their perspective, and sidetrack your vision. Prepare for the non-believers. They'll be convinced you should journey down a different path or your vision will fail. So, you have to live with your results. Clarity and passion are necessary to drive that vision. All the finances, hiring, consulting, roadblocks, organization, and goals for the entire team must work to achieve your vision.

Now go and live your destiny!


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