DailyQ #36: What is your daily schedule?

What is the daily schedule you use to keep everything going in your life? Troy Hoffman brakes down his entire schedule from rise to sleep. There is only so much time in the day, which is why every moment must be efficiently scheduled.

The older you get the more sleep you need to stay sharp. My latest discipline is detailed below.

  1. Rise at 7am.
  2. Guzzle 2 glasses of water, supplements and coffee.
  3. Bounce on the trampoline.
  4. Workout routine for the day.
  5. Complete a stack.
  6. Drink a 64 oz. veggie drink.
  7. Read for a bit.
  8. Phone Calls (on the way to the office).
  9. Send a few loving texts.
  10. At the office and in meetings.
  11. Do something for myself around noon.
  12. Eat around 3pm.
  13. Meditation for 20min. and nap for 10min.
  14. Return to phone calls.
  15. Work on projects during after-hours at the office.
  16. Sleep by 11pm or 12am.

The morning workout is key to energizing my body, whether it's a run/walk, surfing, weights or stretching. Next, The Stack, a series of questions helps me clear triggers and get focused. My veggie drink energizes me for the day and I'm out the door. In the afternoon, I may get body work or a CVAC (Cyclic Variation Altitude Conditioning) session, during which I'll knockout emails and phone calls. Afternoon meditations and naps are essential for powering me through the evening workload. Every night we work on projects till 8 or 9pm at night, before heading home and preparing for bed.

Saturday is project day, which requires deep thought and action, recording podcasts and shooting shows. While Sundays are filled with more sleep, body work, and something fun. Weekly scheduling is an important part of Sunday evenings when every single hour is accounted for, packed with things I want to fulfill that will achieve the results I am seeking in my life.

You can have a filled schedule or a fulfilled schedule.

What do you need to add to your schedule, that will fulfill you and your requirements for your life, to achieve the results you are seeking? It's our choice - what we want to manifest in our life. The #1 resource is time. How are you using your time? Where in your life do you need to schedule better?

Now go and live your destiny!


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