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Happy New Year - How To Set Up Targets

Happy New Year 2019!! Who do you need to become to achieve the resolutions you have set for 2019? For you to accomplish a New Goal... You must build a New You. You must improve yourself for your results to improve. Trust the process.

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It Is All About Application

All this information is great. The motivation is great. The realizations are great. But without action and application they didn’t give me results. And they won’t give you results either unless you are committed to taking action. that’s why I always talk about ACCOUNTABILITY.

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Who Is Holding You Accountable?

Open yourself to the possibilities. Find a group, a coach, a mentor... someone that will hold you accountable to take action to get done the things you said you were going to do. And to ask you the hard questions that will move you forward... the questions that sometimes we avoid to ask ourselves.

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