It Is All About Application

I’ve struggled with this for years... I’ve gone to hundreds if not thousands of conferences, listen to 10s of thousands of hrs of books on tape and invested on having coaches and mentors during my 25+ years as an entrepreneur... since I was pretty much 16 years old.

All this information is great. The motivation is great. The realizations are great. But without action and application they didn’t give me results.

And they won’t give you results either unless you are committed to taking action. that’s why I always talk about ACCOUNTABILITY.

2 things come to my mind right now. You can either:

1. Keep yourself accountable by doing daily, weekly and monthly assessments. Specifying the actions you are going to take, with a specific timeframe and specific system to measure if you achieved or not the results.

In all my years of experience I have learned that this sometimes is not enough cause we can self sabotage when life gets in the way or when our excuses get in the way. That’s why I recommend:

2. Have others keep you accountable. Join a group with similar interests and goals or hire a coach. Have them monitor your results and call you out when you are not giving your 100%.

Quit the excuses and create a way to make it work! This applies to business, fitness or anything that will move your life forward.