What Is The Possibility?

What’s the possibility for your life? For the life of the ones you love? What’s the possibility for your business? Your employees? Your clients?

Sometimes we can picture the vision perfectly, but we are not manifesting it in reality.

If I asked you to point one finger to the reason why you are not accomplishing your mission. Where would you point your finger at?

The answer is simple but hard to digest. The answer is not the economy, it’s not your husband/wife boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s not the high school teacher that put you down years ago, it’s not your dad, it’s not your mom, it’s not our society.

When we point one finger at something other than ourselves, 3 other fingers point right back at us. Sometimes we ask ourselves: “What is holding me back?”, “Why am I not seeing results?”, “Why am I not getting the clients?”, “Why am I not living a loving and trusting relationship?”

The answer is US.

It’s US what’s holding us back to get what we want, not THEM. It’s our traumas, the things that we say to ourselves, our own sabotage, and lack of discipline and knowledge on our body, our beliefs, our feelings and even relationships. Ask yourself: What am I doing/feeling/thinking that is attracting the oposite or something different of what I want? .

The sooner you understand that you have FULL responsibility of your results, the sooner those results will start shifting and coming around. For everything to align in my life, I must be in alignment first! You must know that if this vision dares to exist in your mind, it’s because it’s POSSIBLE.

Let’s do the work and start manifesting great things!