DailyQ #58: How do I close the deal?

How do I close the deal? Troy Hoffman gives powerful advice for those who can’t quite seem to make the sale. Have your pen and notepad out folks! Get ready for some amazing tips and advice on how you can finally make your breakthrough in sales.

In order to master sales, you first have to dive deep into who you are as a person. Take every self-assessment test you can find and then go through each of those reports to identify the top ten things that resonate with you. This will show you where you are in the sales process by determining how people perceive you. Then find people you can practice your sales pitch and technique to, and ask for feedback.

The next thing you want to do to become a successful salesperson is to LEARN. Educate yourself. There are so many amazing books to devour and courses to crash into. Find the resources that work best for you.

And finally, when it comes to what you are selling, do you have integrity? Have you taken the time to really learn about the product? Have you practiced your pitch multiple times? Do you know it like the back of your hand? And most importantly, do you BELIEVE in it? Because when you know what you are talking about and you are passionate about it as well, you exude confidence and build trust. Because when you master yourself, your product and your pitch, people will be lining up to come and buy from you!

Ask yourself, what three things can I do to up my sales game?

Now go and live your destiny!


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