DailyQ #57: Maintain the business you are operating

My previous three businesses failed. How do I maintain the one I am currently operating? Troy Hoffman speaks on the touchy subject of business failure. We all know it can be tough to pick yourself back up time and time again. Listen to Troy’s advice on what to do to ensure success in business this time around.

People think business is easy. Once we enter into this world, however, we soon realize how easy it is to fail when you have never built something from the ground up. Then what happens? We realize we are in the wrong business. We run out of capital. We have the wrong people on our team. We discover the entire business has disappeared due to advanced technology. Then we eventually give up.

The life of a successful entrepreneur is filled with never-ending growth and development. In order to maintain the business you have now, make sure you are constantly joining groups and programs specific to entrepreneurship and your business niche. You should be devouring every book you can get your hands on in the subject and applying the beneficial lessons you learn. Most importantly, STAY FOCUSED AND CONSISTENT. The more you do, the more you can adapt and make the best moves possible to keep your business moving forward.

Now go and live your destiny!


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