DailyQ #50: First hires and the company's culture

How do the first hires of an organization affect the company’s culture? In this week’s episode of “The Daily Question,” Troy Hoffman expresses the importance of your company having the right people on board from the start. The way you approach the hiring process can literally make or break your business, so it crucial to tread carefully and strategically.

I cannot emphasize enough that building a strong company culture is the foundation of its success:

  • the way people interact
  • the way they work
  • the way they show up every day
  • the way they grind
  • the way people pour their hearts into what they do

All of these factors will truly impact the success or failure of a company and the growth projectory and how far it will or will not go.

It’s for this reason that you must be slow to hire. Go through a really in-depth process of really identifying what qualities you want in a person and what skills your company needs. Find the best that you possibly can afford at each stage. Trust me when I say, it will pay dividends later. It may cost you more now, but it will save you so much more in the future.

Now go and live your destiny!


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