DailyQ #35: What failure lead to something successful?

What great failure lead to something truly successful in your life? Troy Hoffman considers the art of turning trials into triumphs and how every costly mistake over the years has strengthened his company.

Immediately I'm reminded of The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, which is a fantastic read. When we started the first company, the obstacles in my way, were all the challenges in our database, automation, data, tracking, and mailing. These failures early on have driven us to build an elite software platform for our industry. Our investment in software, tech, and systems will simulate our growth and long-term stability.

We're now microscopic in diagnosing issues. If we didn't screw up errors that cost hundreds of thousands, we wouldn't have build security measures and artificial intelligence that enhance our quality of service. As a result, our customers will love the attention to detail.

Because, details matter!

Where in your life have you failed and found opportunity or lessons in the obstacle? We fail every day in our lives. We get angry, say the wrong things, and make poor business decisions, but the key to success is learning to build around your failures. The purpose of life in general is truly expansion. We have to apply this principal to our business life.

Where do you need to expand in your life from your failures?

Now go and live your destiny!


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