DailyQ #6: Why is financial literacy so important?

Why is financial literacy so important? Troy Hoffman encourages mastering mathematics at an early age so you can apply all those concepts to your life.

Mastering basic mathematics, algebra, and stats will serve you your entire life. If you're running a business wrapping your head around budgets, balance sheets, and cash flow statements is imperative. You have to know the data and make quick strategic decisions.

Everything is about the numbers.

Understanding the tax code and issues in your industry is important. Take the time to start studying something. Don't just listen to the CPA, or the financial advisor, or the attorney. They can provide advice and consultation, but once you are clear, take control of your life. Manifest in ways that produce better results for your life. You are operating in future frames from daily moments.

You are the one who creates a life for yourself.

Challenge yourself today to find one book, absorb the lessons and take action on them.

Now go and live your destiny!


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