DailyQ #7: Why customers stay and do repeat business

Why will customers stay and do repeat business with you? Troy Hoffman explains while people buy from someone they know or brands they truly trust, but at the smaller stages it's gonna be you.

Customers will buy crappy products from someone they love, instead of buying a superior product from someone they hate.

The person, the energy, the drive, the trust, the relationship. People want to connect and know who is behind the company. So, be authentically you. "I care deeply about everybody I come into contact with. I want to connect with everybody." Whoever you are, let that come out and you'll find your audience. You have to connect.

Hire people that fit for your industry. Be yourself in person, on the phone, and at conferences because people are tired of those full of crap. Perfection does not exist! Everybody has problems, challenges, mistakes, and pain.

People are tired of heros that don't truly exist.

When you become imperfectly you and connect with your customers, they're going to keep buying from you because you've opened up to each other. People want to buy from people they're connected with. So connect and your customers will stay for a long time.

Now go and live your destiny!


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