DailyQ #15: Favorite part about startup grind

What is your favorite part about the grind when starting a company? Troy Hoffman discusses the thrill of embarking on an uncharted journey. The dream inside that says create, paint, climb, or build makes us feel alive. We must each find the Everest that charges us.

This question juices me up, because I get excited about the early stages of companies like no other!

I get super passionate about long strategic plays and building new things within an established company, but the grind when launching from scratch is amazing. You're birthing an idea. Something inside drives you to manifest your dream. There is so much energy, despite the impending collision of pain, because you're excited to learn and expand.

Challenge yourself every day at your greatest capacity.

Entrepreneurs are driven deeply and seek the unknown. Am I going to make it or not? What do I have to do next? All the results come from you and your team. The swelling excitement and fear from controlling 100% of the outcome is exhilarating. That uncertainty is like skydiving, surfing, or driving a race car. You're just going for it and living in the moment.

You feel alive when building new things and launching a startup. The opportunity to grow and manifest a vision fills you with life.

What is your vision? What juices you? What gets you charged to grind 18 hours a day? Ask yourself where in your life do you need to reconnect with that passion. Find the vision that wakes you with passion and charges you!

Now go and live your destiny!


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