DailyQ #14: What keeps you going?

What keeps you going when things get rough? Troy Hoffman shares his process for confronting the pain that impacts everyone. Realize your vision, identify your purpose, be relentless and traverse the wall.

The good and the bad falls on everyone.

When the triggers are firing off, whether the issue involves finance, customers, employees or relationships, you have to accept that negatives come with the positives. When facing the pain, challenge yourself with the following.

  1. Ask yourself, what is your vision? Connect with your why. Once you align with the top of Everest, don't lose that belief. You will try to ascend and fail, again and again, but the voice continues to fuel your vision. Know where you are going and stay resolute in your belief that you will achieve your mission.

  2. Accept the darkness that surrounds the light. The greater the success, the greater the challenges, so learn to expand in the process. When you push beyond the threshold you will continue to grow. Every time I think, "I can't do this anymore," I push through the problem and tell myself, "I will not quit." Let the passion wake you up and drive you with purpose.

When you feel deflated, you must change your mindset. Return to the basics and reconnect with your why. You'll quickly discover the mountain can't grow any bigger, but you can.

Now go and live your destiny!


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