DailyQ #16: The best morning routine

What is the best morning routine to apply to my life? Troy Hoffman is all too familiar with creating morning disciplines and sharing what works best for him. We should challenge our body, being, balance and business through quick activities and a routine stack to empower us for the day.

Larry Broughton, owner of Broughton Hotels, has an intense routine that blew me away. Check out his stuff on leadership and business here. He insists, you have to see what works best for you and delivers the greatest impact in your life.

What is going to put you in power?

I embrace the Core 4 before you hit the door. That involves a morning commitment to sweat, consume a veggie drink, meditate, journal, send a love note, briefly study or read, and finally share the days lesson. We learn what we teach. Quickly completing a Stack, which is a powerful process developed by Byron Katie that challenges your mindset through questions, locks in the lesson learned. When I don't do these things, my day goes awry.

What will energize and prepare you for the day?

Now go and live your destiny!


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