DailyQ #13: How important is sleep?

How important is sleep when building a company? Troy Hoffman stresses clarity on understanding your body and what it needs. Some can function on minimal sleep and others require more to perform at optimal levels.

Everybody is built differently.

There are a million books on this topic. One of the top sleep scientists recommends charting your sleep for 90 days by tracking the following daily to better understand your own body. Everyone can give you an opinion, but what does your body need?

  1. How much sleep do you need to wake naturally?
  2. What caffeinated beverages are you consuming and when?
  3. What foods are you consuming and when?
  4. How do you feel every day?
  5. What time do you go to sleep?
  6. What time do you wake up?

Aaron Mattes, one of the top stretching therapists in the world, who created active assisted isolated stretching program, claimed he only needed 1.5-3hrs of sleep. He was a machine and he thrived off that. While I needed 7-9 hours of sleep, so we're just different people.

Get clear on what effects your sleep. Once your body is rested you will produce at a 10x factor and crust it! You'll go into meetings on fire and on purpose, because you're naturally full of energy.

Do you need to change your environment? Do you need to test how much sleep is good for you? Where in your sleep cycle do you need to take action on today? Build structure around you life so you can produce the energy necessary to make an impact.

Now go and live your destiny!


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