DailyQ #12: What to look for in a great employee?

What do you look for in a great employee? Troy Hoffman shares the teenage origins of his work ethic and why he truly cared about performing at a high level for his employers. People grind when they care about their work.

Look for someone that cares truly about what they're doing and drive to make it happen.

We train 98% of the tasks, so if you can tangibly taste they can move the needle forward, they're a great fit at Simpluris.

I dug ditches, installed sprinkler systems and pulled weeds at a plant nursery for John Relleno before I got my massage license at 17. I busted my ass, because I wanted to do a great job for him. So, I turned my work into a game. I truly cared for that property. That commitment has driven my work ethic everywhere I've been employed.

When working for other people, I was driven, I cared about my work. Thats what I look for - deep care and drive!!

What in your life do you care about and what drives you? Who do you need to let go of and who do you need to hire?

Now go and live your destiny!


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