DailyQ #40: The most successful person I have ever met

Who is the most successful person you have ever met? What made them successful? Troy Hoffman reflects on his days as a chauffeur for a self-made man who disciplined himself to fuel his mind daily with insights from the greats.

I've been blessed to meet so many dynamic individuals, but one of the greatest was Peter J. Daniels. At 27 years old he gave his life to god and commited to giving away more money than anyone else has ever done before. This crusade transformed his life. He learned how to read and discipline himself to become successful.

Listening to and reading all the best motivational speakers tapes and books proved to pay dividends. He created an intense desire to educate himself daily. Laying these bricks became the foundation for his thriving empire. Examining the habits, thoughts, and actions of those who achieved things beyond imagination, he employed these tactics and taught them to others.

Pouring into your mind will change your actions and the influence you have on the world.

Invest in yourself every single day!

Now go and live your destiny!


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