Accountability In The Office


How do you create accountability in the office?

Get super clear on your organization’s needs and what that really looks like in time, costs, and duration of activities.

Accountability only comes from clarity of the original expectations.

What is the vision?

Where are you going?

What is your mission?

What are your core values?

What projects need to happen?

Ambiguity = Chaos.

You need a decision matrix, execution plan, and clear cut goals for each individual.

The person held accountable needs to accept owning the task 100%.

He or she needs to step up.

If everybody is responsible, then nobody is responsible.

You have to master the art of crucial conversations.

You need clarity from everyone.

It's not emotional.

It's not about them.

It's just about the action.

Where are we at with this project?

How are you doing on moving this forward?

Is it moving forward - yes or no?

If it is blocked, what is the roadblock in the way?

None of the b.s. stories matter, immediately you must get refocused and clear.

When people understand the why behind the what, they will figure out the how.