What Is Your Calling?


What Are You Called to Do?

One of the deepest drives I’ve found is that of what I feel called to do.

What I feel lead to do.

What I know inside of me is guided some way .. shape .. or form... to move me in a direction that is not guided by reason.

Not guided by facts.

Not guided by anything more than a still small voice inside of you that says... GOOOOO!!!

I’ve met so many entrepreneurs or people that have done huge things in life that just ...”felt like the right thing to do”

They just “felt” they needed to go in that direction.

Say that, do this, buy that, move there, meet this person, take this course, sell this.

It’s a still small voice inside of you that speaks somehow.

I don’t know how or where... for each of you it will be a different belief system.

Yet , it’s there for all of us.

Guiding us.