I Used To Be 287lbs

I used to be 287 lbs.

I had neglected my body for so long... working 16-18hrs a day for years, eating fast food and sugar, living off energy drinks, not sleeping enough if at all..

My body was inflamed. My energy and focus were dropping down everyday more and more.

The company had made it to the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America for a couple years. Everything was working, even growing. But I wasn’t listening to the signs my body was trying to give me.

Eventually, I blew out my neck disks... The pain was so debilitating I couldn’t do half of the things I was doing for about 1 year. During that year I finally understood things had to change.

When my body gave out on me I realized I couldn’t get CONSISTENT BIG RESULTS in business, in my personal relationships, in my spirituality if I was neglecting my body everyday. Feeding it trash. Not allowing it to rest. Not listening to the signs.

It’s taken years for me to be where I am at now.

I make it a point to do some sort of workout every day and body work at least 3x a week.

If you are hustling... if you are giving your all... make sure you are still taking care of your body. Once it gives out, your focus will withdraw. And this is a fact 💯.

Here is a trick:

Core 4 - come up with a target for each of these dimensions of yourself:

1) Body: Health and Fitness
2) Being: Mind and Spirituality
3) Balance: Relationships
4) Business: Work and Bank Account

Make it a point to complete your daily goal everyday, if possible before noon.

Today we are focusing on Body. A couple ideas that have worked for me: -
👉🏻 Workout for 30 min.
👉🏻 Have a veggie drink in the morning.

Alright, you have all the info. Now #dothework