The Death Of Our Dreams

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I can’t tell you the number of times I felt like me and my dream were about to die.

How many times I felt like my entire life was going under...

Both in business and in my relationships with others and with myself.

Only to realize later that what seemed like death and complete darkness was actually an opportunity and the preface to encounter THE LIGHT.

With what seemed like death... A new direction was actually taking place, a new area of my life was being opened up, a new possibility for who I could become was presenting itself before me.

I am not going to lie.

THE PROCESS felt like true death.

Anxiety. Fear. Chaos. Disbelief. Frustration. Anger.

THE PROCESS truly made me believe: “my life is over.”

THE PROCESS was SO DARK and without any site or vision of where the next possibility was even coming from.

Without clue on where I should be going.

Or why was this even happening to me if I had done the best I could in that moment in time.

The pain was real, the suffering was real. My mind could not foresee that something better was coming next.

But it’s only the day we experience the DEATH of our old selves that we can really be reborn into a new opportunity, a new self.

It’s the death of an old dream.

The death of a specific type of relationship.

The death of an old company.

That can open the door to a new possibility, a new company, a new job, a new relationship that will be in better alignment with the expression of our true selves.

New possibilities that will bring us closer to living out who we potentially could be.

The best of us.

#TrustTheProcess 💯 and Always #DoTheWork