Progress Not Perfection

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Perfection is just an unrealistic standard, even more so when we are talking about entrepreneurship. To scale up and grow, you have to start small first which means you have to fail forward as fast as possible as many times as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

The more you fail, the more you learn. The faster you fail, the faster you learn, the faster you grow.

Do you know what the problem is when we aim for perfection all the time? We delay our own progress, and we sabotage our results. We are striving for perfection only because our ego is telling us that failing is not an option when failing is just part of the process.

You have to start somewhere. If you watch the content/products/services of ANYONE that is big now and have been years in business, you will see that they have grown massively throughout the years. But they had to start somewhere. Their content/products/services have for sure become better and better, fancier and fancier, cooler and cooler.

But that growth wouldn’t have been possible without a starting point. If these big names were concerned all the time about failing, about not having the perfect product, about not testing the market, about looking like idiots, then they wouldn’t be where they are at, or they would have taken 10x years in developing something!

Always aim for the best that you can do with the resources that you have and possess inside of you in the moment of execution. The best you can do efficiently. And move on. Keep learning. Keep growing. Don’t get stuck in perfection, and start flowing towards progress.