Suicide Prevention Campaign

In our last fireside chat, Jason opened up about his son’s suicide. It was a painful conversation. But it’s necessary to bring awareness to this worldwide issue.

If you are someone who is considering suicide, please, seek help.

If you are someone who can think of someone who is in pain, withdrawn, alone or has expressed feelings of hopelessness… ask them and seek help.

A good friend of mine committed suicide when I was in High School. I didn’t know. No one knew. It’s sometimes hard to spot it, and for those who feel suicidal, it is has to be difficult to communicate and ask for help in these situations. I always wished I had known how to approach the situation. I wished I had known how he was feeling. I would have helped him in any way possible.

In a moment of isolation, death can seem like the safest option, the least painful path. But there is always another option. There is always another path of light and not of darkness. There is always a possibility to start feeling connected. There is so much you can give and do. There are others that will miss you, there are others that will be affected by your presence being gone from this earth. Others will lose out on your great gift you have to offer this world.

Your life has a purpose, your pain could become a lesson for you and for others. Your pain could shape you to help others with the same pain. You are not alone.

If you don’t have anyone you can talk to from your circle, seek help somewhere else. There are plenty of free helplines or therapy for those who need it. Don’t let yourself go into the darkness. You can get out of this. I am always here for you too.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be ashamed of the way you are feeling. We are all human and we all feel and understand and can relate to pain at different levels. I have let thoughts slip in at points. Where even I am like is it all worth it.

Life can get hard sometimes, but there is so much beauty that can still be enjoyed if you allow yourself the opportunity.