Fireside Chats with Jason Reid

How do we find the best people and attract them to our company? This is a genuine concern every entrepreneur with a few employees faces. Once you start delegating projects and responsibilities, the people that work around you become your eyes, your arms, your voice, your brand, the essence of your company. Attracting the most qualified, committed, experienced and loyal employees is an essential aspect of the hiring process and the build-up of a company’s structure.

In this fireside chat, Jason and I explore the ideal conditions that attract the right employees and encourage them to stay long-term in an organization.

What is called “company culture” is such a hot topic, especially crucial when you are in the scale-up phase of your business. Creating a culture is about making a company more than just a place to work, but transform it into a space of shared values. A place where everyone works towards a shared vision, where employees can feel connected, accomplishments are celebrated, and professional and personal growth is encouraged.

Company culture is also about standards, responsibilities, and duties. It is almost like a manifesto that employees can relate to, but not only that. Company culture is the soul of your organization which means that it will be projected on to clients, on the company’s brand and overall image of your product/service in the marketplace.

What do you do to create a culture in your company?

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