DailyQ #62: What will happen if I fail?

What will happen if I fail and don’t get the result I want? Troy Hoffman talks about his view on an important topic. Failure has stopped countless amounts of people from achieving their dreams. If people looked at failure as a learning lesson, they could use it as a driving force to live the life they have always imagined.

Failure is a gift. It teaches us so much. We fail, then we learn, then we fail and learn again. And we start stacking the learnings. Anytime we are doing something new, we are going to fail. It’s inevitable.

Catch this. You WILL eventually get results if you don’t quit. Wake up everyday and keep going, do the work, and stay consistent. If you set a date to accomplish something, then the date arrives and you haven’t quite gotten there yet, it doesn’t matter if you failed as long as you gave it everything you can.

Now, you can look back and say, “Here’s the results I got with the effort I put in. How do I improve?” Then you course correct again and again until you get your desired results. If you don’t give up, you’ll look back at the old you 10 years ago and be so proud of yourself. You will be living the life you created with hard work and perseverance. All because you chose not to quit.

How has fear of failure gotten in the way of your success?

Now go and live your destiny!


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