DailyQ #52: How to get more accountability

How can I get more accountability in my organization with my team? In this week’s series special, Troy Hoffman touches on the subject of accountability, and the wonders it can do for not only your business, but also your life. Accountability is a terrific form of measurement. And we all know, whatever can be measured can always be improved.

Accountability has transformed my life. It’s also done wonders for the growth of the company. You see, people aren’t machines. You can’t just program them to do specific actions like you would software. People have free will. They have different perceptions and ways of going about certain things.

Accountability is something that is literally created every single day, over and over again. It takes time for the team to gain clarity of what result we’re striving for and what course of action is best to take. And it requires accountability to set up a framework and a system that everybody decides on to become that well-running machine.

So, as a team we are constantly looking at the different aspects of accountability. We are constantly collecting data, doing reviews and surveys every month. This way, we can look at things from multiple levels and angles. It’s what makes us peak performers.

Most importantly, as a leader, I've got to be accountable. I've got to constantly step up every day, keep showing up, keep grinding, keep pushing and making sure I'm performing at the highest level possible so I do not drop the ball.

How do you hold yourself accountable?

Now go and live your destiny!


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