DailyQ #24: How do you overcome objections?

How do you overcome objections? How do you overcome the no's and obstacles? Troy Hoffman insists an unwavering dedication to achieving your vision builds tenacity that conquers all challenges.

If you are clear on the vision locked in your minds eye, nothing will stop you. You will find a way over it, under, around, and through it. There are no simple answers, just tips, techniques, and gimmicks, but the burning desire to achieve your vision will drive you.

What is that burning desire you want to manifest in your life? What life do you want to create and who do you see yourself becoming? Once you have chosen your path - nothing can hold you back! You will seek, find, knock, and the answers will appear.

Tell yourself "I will do what ever it takes to make this dream happen."

Allow your subconscious to work 24/7 and your reticular activating system will identify the next step. Take action on each roadblock one after the other. The obstacles will never stop, but you will persevere.

Are you dedicated? What is your vision? Once you find it, move forward one step at a time and you'll overcome all.

Now go and live your destiny!


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