DailyQ #18: What do you do to eliminate stress?

What do you do to eliminate stress? Troy Hoffman covers the basics of diving into stress. We all have so many demands making stress one of the biggest challenges for people across America right now. Identifying solutions in all areas of your life will help to minimize it.

We all have so many things attacking our thought process that our system never gets a chance to rest. Our minds are like metronomes jumping from one thought to another. There are so many ways to release this stress.

  • Body - Are you working out? Engage in activities that are fun and make you happy.
  • Diet - Are you consuming the right nutrients for you? Eating clean will fuel your body with energy and minimize stress.
  • Being - How are you taking time to still your mind? Meditation and breathing exercises will calm the nervous system.
  • Journaling - What is stressing you? Identifying the facts, feelings, focus, and fruit about your situation reveals portals of possibilities.

I'm watching Will Helms and Mark Divine, an ex-navy seal, who dives deep into "The Breath." Learning how to breath is so simple, but key to relaxing the mind.

"Writing clarifies thought." -- Scott Delong

You need clarity, information, and facts about your stress triggers. Study them and take action.

Now go and live your destiny!


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