Listen To The Voice

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Those who listen to the voice inside of them are guided down paths to places they never thought possible.

The Voice becomes more clear the more in alignment you are with your true purpose.

You may have silenced this voice for years.

Dismissed this voice.

Criticized it.

Doubted it.

Disconnected from it.

Suppressed it.

Feared it.

This voice is there to guide you to Access Your Source of Power and Truth.

This voice talks about expansion.

Learning lessons.




Ego might have silence this Voice to “protect you” from the apparent absence of stability that comes from expansion.

From the hurt that comes from learning lessons.

From others.

From ourselves.

As a consequence you might have silenced this voice and you might have decided to listen to...




If you wish to reconnect...

Sit with yourself in silence...

Take a few deep breathes and enter into a state of relaxation.

Ask for your Voice to manifest the answers of any questions you might have...

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

Are you being authentic?

Are you telling the truth?

Are you living in alignment with the truth?

What is this truth?

If you are lost... only YOU can provide the answers you are looking for.

Only YOU can answer the questions you are constantly asking others.

Only YOU can decide what is true or not.

What is empowering you or not.

What is in alignment with you or not.

Coaches, mentors, friends, parents, society, religion, politics, public figures...

They can guide you on what to do.

But they can’t tell you who you are.

They can’t tell you what you want.

Do this exercise or meditate, journal, pray... whatever it is... reconnect. Recharge. Ask questions. Access the Truth and begin acting in alignment with it. 🙏🏻💯