What Do You Want?

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He looked right at me, and with a Deep stare into my eyes he asked me again…”WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

This Guy Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, a guy who has been counseling/coaching/teaching since the early 70s…. He’s the first person to document NLP Modalities, and has created some of the tools that create profound transformation in people’s lives.

He is now one of my Mentors I get to spend 4-8 hours a week learning from.

See, our minds, our sub-conscious minds are like taxi cab drivers, they can only take us to where we tell them to go.

The key that unlocks us going to the Desired Destination We Want is...?

One word…


Visualization is everything. If you want to be able to take clear action toward your goals, if you want to be able to make real progress, you have to get clear on your vision.

When you can see a picture of it etched in your mind, when you can see yourself experiencing the kind of life your goal brings…

When you can tangibly feel what is feels like to achieve it, when you can hear it, when you can touch, smell, and taste it…

That’s what makes it become real.

When you can describe your goals and the outcomes in detail, when you’ve mapped them out inside of your mind, they’ll begin to rewire your subconscious.

You’ll be, in every sense of the word, reprogramming yourself for GREATNESS

Practice even now, seeing in your minds-eye what you want.

Practice feeling how amazing this is going to feel once you get there.

Really see the sights, the sounds, the smells, the taste, the warmth of the sun as the crowds cheer you on in achieving that which you WANT!!!