Passion Or Stability?


Passion or stability?

This isn’t an “either/or” answer.

Chase after BOTH.

When you finally understand your calling in life...

You just want to drop everything you are doing to go follow your passion.

What happens after the excitement?

Reality settles in.

You still have bills to pay.

You still have to live, eat, dress, move around, and have enough to invest in yourself and your business so both you and your business can grow.

I was a waiter and a bartender while I was starting my first companies.

During this time in my life, I built killer communication skills, work ethic, standards and integrity.

Yes, I was chasing stability FIRST.

I had to pay for the basic essentials of life.

But while I was securing those finances, I learned CRUCIAL life lessons that I still apply today.

What I’m telling you is...

Don’t take a job just to pay the bills.

Create meaning in whatever it is you are doing.

Purposefully choose to grow and learn necessary personal or technical skills throughout that job.

This is how you chase stabilization and your passion simultaneously.

Intentionally turn every day into a possibility to learn and expand...

And you will be closer and closer to becoming the best version of you.

The version that is ready to take on the responsibility that comes with living out of your passion.

Who do you have to become to follow your calling without compromising your stability?