Get Realistic

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Quit complaining about not having time.

Quit the crying about how busy you are.

Do you even know where your time is going?

What are you doing with those 20min in between meetings?

20 min/day = 140 min/week

That’s 2+ hrs/week... or about 120hrs/year.

The time excuse is only that.

An excuse.

We all have the same 24 hours.

Yet some produce at higher levels than others.

Before telling yourself and others all these STORIES about how little time you have to do this or that...

BREAK DOWN where your time is truly going.

Study your time.

Build a clear structure.

CHOOSE how many hours/minutes of your week/month/year you allocate to what’s important to you.

Quit seeing yourself as a victim of whatever you are blaming your poor performance on.

The economy, society, or the ancient civilizations who defined the cycles between day and night.

I don’t care.

If you want to have more time.

Then start studying your time so you can make an informed CHOICE.

I have struggled with this one for decades and still do. -
It is tough to get everything I want done running multiple companies, catering my body, being and relationships every day.

But I won’t let these stories of... I just don’t have enough time... there is so much required from me... to control me.

Is it going to control you?

Your meals and workouts, your work projects, meditation, the time it takes you to get ready, your morning routine, family time....

Every minute counts.

Get clear about your priorities.

What needs to get done to get the results you want in all areas of your life?

I challenge you.

Sit down, map out your next 7 days, and LIBERATE YOURSELF from your own BS stories.