Buried Feelings Never Die

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My dad used to tell me this:

“Buried feelings never die.”

He was straight up.






Avoid or reject any of these and they won’t go away.

They will show up in your life in undesirable ways and cloud your judgment.

They will become louder... asking to be seen, heard, understood, brought up to light to be INTEGRATED within you.

Telling the truth to yourself is NOT easy.

It HURTS to tell the truth when you have been lying to yourself for years.

Trust the process.

Your emotions contain INCREDIBLE power.

Emotions are a path to access the thoughts and beliefs that are buried in the subconscious mind.

When these thoughts and beliefs are made conscious, you can change them.

Consciously choosing the beliefs that are going to serve you in your purpose will create incredible RESULTS in your life.

Access your emotions and you will be accessing your fire.

You will be in a place of true and deep transformation.

Releasing emotions is as if you are taking the blinders off and you’re finally able to see clearly.

Make sure that when accessing your emotions, you are in a place of contemplation and acceptance, not punishment, shame or judgment.

Releasing from a state of unconditional love for yourself will bring peace and congruency into your life.

Make also sure you have the tools to be able to reprogram your beliefs and use the energy of the released emotions to build and not destruct... I recommend checking out THE WORK by @byron.katie

It’s important to have the tools and framework to be able to go through this process without re-wounding, focusing on HEALING ONLY.

Make a commitment to study, learn, expose yourself to the tools and people that can support you along the way.