Seek Failure


We go through all these crazy challenges in life to learn necessary lessons.

When you fail, ask yourself:
1. What happened?.
2. Why is this positive? What is the lesson?

We have learned to see failure as a proof of incompetence. This is an unrealistic belief that we have as a society because failure is an intrinsic part of any learning process.

To learn how to walk, first you had to crawl, you had to fall, you had to fail to learn the process. Failure is where experts and masters come from. Ie Edison and the Lightbulb example... It is said that “a master has failed more times than the student has even tried”.

This happens especially when starting a business. Fail forward as fast as you can so you can learn and become a master at what you do as quickly as possible. Don’t be scared of failure. Embrace it. Seek it. Learn from it and apply the lesson in a disciplined format going forward. Remember, it is about PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!!!