The Power Of Declarations

It is said that “repetition is the mother of learning” and I couldn’t agree more.

It happens all the time when coaching other people. Even though I am in the position of teaching, I end up learning, discovering, or remembering important lessons as I repeat concepts or as I find clarity or innovation in the way of explaining. This is the power of declaring and of repetition. Only if you can teach it, you have learned it and digested it. The moment in which you teach something, this lesson has embodied you and you have embodied it. It has integrated into you and will integrate even further the more it is repeated.

When our declarations are questioned, it is even more powerful. The challenges will determine not only what you have mentally learned as a concept, but how you feel about what you have learned. This is a great way to expand our vision and our learning experience to greater levels than if we were just keeping what we think we have learned to ourselves.

Take a chance today to declare something new that you have learned to someone else. It can be a lesson on anything, from personal development to a technicality that you read from a scientific article. Observe what happens inside your mind and also experience the feeling of giving and helping others to develop their knowledge further. Ask this person to challenge you with questions and analyze your reactions. Study your brain and mind as a subject, learn how to learn better so you can expand in all areas of your life and so others can grow around you in ways that you didn't imagine possible before.