Singles Daily = Big Results

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It is impossible to get to the bigger vision until you have gone through the layers. The greater the goal, the bigger the vision, the more layers we have to overcome to get there. The more layers we have to actually experience and go through.

It takes a lot of commitment, energy and time to build something that will remain profitable and on fire long term. Don’t get caught up in the big vision and allow that to paralyze you, set yourself small targets that will eventually lead to the bigger picture and start executing as soon as possible.

Whoever knows me in person knows that “Singles Daily” is one of my signatures things to say. We sometimes over complicate things, creating all these plans and systems, trying to find organization within the chaos and we freeze, getting lost in all the fluff.

Let’s use a visual example to illustrate this concept: let’s say that I want to build a building. I could spend the next 6 months planning ahead how the furniture is going to look like, thinking about the color of the walls, looking for small LED lights for the kitchen, getting stressed out and frustrated about all these little activities that I will have to do eventually to be able to create the buildings of my dreams.

But, if I haven’t even found where am I going to put the building, if I haven’t bought the piece of land yet, if I haven’t even decided what city I want to put the building at or if I even have the money to afford all of it… and I spend all this time just planning the little details that will come once everything is built… I am never going to start with the dirty work.

A building is not going to build on its own. Decisions need to be made in the right timeframe. Step by step. If I go with the previous take, I might eventually have my building, but it will take me 10x more time, energy and headaches to get to it.

Think about your business. You might want all this prosperity coming from your business and you spend all this time trying to pick up a logo, and a name. You spend all this time talking about organization, talking about ideas in all these meetings. But where is the work? What is actually going to give you results to move it forward, to make it profitable, to get you clients?

Prioritize. And create activities that you can repeat daily to keep moving forward the things that are important to you and that are going to create results for yourself and your business.

I divide my daily singles into health, relationships, mind, and business. They look like this:

  • For my health, I work out at least 30 min a day and do a veggie drink in the morning.

  • For my relationship, I try to send a loving message of appreciation a day to someone I love: my mom, friend, partner.

  • For my mind, I try to do a power nap with previous meditation of about 30min daily to increase focus.

  • For my business, well… every day I am on the grind with all the open projects I have right now. But I make it a point to prioritize which activities are the most relevant for it and calendar them out.

When I don’t get to my singles daily, I start seeing a shift in results. Pretty much, my results start going downhill. It’s so simple and sometimes we want to make it so complex. Stop putting in the work, the results will stop showing up favorable to you. Period.