Fireside Chats with Walt Tamulinas

It’s amazing to hear stories of how people find their True Calling. Their Purpose. Their Direction they Go In Life !

What an amazing opportunity to hear what fueled this man for half a Century of Drive to Accomplish big things and still be so humble.

What happened in your past that you use as fuel for the fire to move your life forward in all areas? Have you thought about it ? Can you use that as a guidepost in your journey of life ? Remember the meaning we give to anything is THE MEANING WE GET TO CHOOSE ABOUT ANYTHING.

I have a very good friend who grew up with a crazy ass childhood. Lived on his own since he was 12 years old. Lived in a tin shed in someone’s backyard when we were seniors in High School. I asked him one time ... what sense did you make of what you went through in life to get here ?

He said this is the proving grounds God had put him through to make him the Businessman and Father he is today. And he is truly lived by his 4 girls! He could have been Bitter but He CHOSE to get BETTER!!!

Now, you can watch the full FIRESIDE CHAT episode with Walt Tamulinas HERE !