DailyQ #28: Why autonomy is so important

Why is autonomy so important to an entrepreneur? Troy Hoffman describes entrepreneurs as self-governors, motivated by a variety of forces, that aim to realize the dreams of their investment.

Entrepreneurs often have a very specific vision, they are purpose driven or eager to impact the world, and they thrive in their steadfast journey. While you can seek council and operate with a team, your daily decisions are your own. The point person carries the burden of consequences with each choice.

Where are we going to spend our money? Where are we going to spend our time? Where are we going to spend our energy? What emotional output are we going to devote to each situation?

Autonomy is something we must learn to live well.

How are you using your time every day? If you are not comfortable with your choices, what council must you start seeking? Everyone has an opinion, but great council comes from those who have achieved in your area. They have years on the path, more time under tension, and valued wisdom to share. To get the results you want, pull these people into your life. Learn every insight that will push you massive steps forward.

Now go and live your destiny!


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