Break The Pattern

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Break the pattern.

You may have been repeating patterns throughout your life that may or may not currently serve you.

You might have the belief that “you are not enough” ingrained in you since childhood.

You have then subconsciously created patterns to reinforce this belief.

You may be consistently attracting situations/people that will indeed show this belief to you.

“You are not enough” for your partner in your love life, your friendships, your business relationships, or even the relationship with yourself (self-sabotage).

How to break a painful pattern?

Start by becoming aware of the patterns in your life

Are there any painful patterns in your relationships? Business? Spirituality? Health or the way you treat your body?

Do you constantly feel/hear/see/think/experience the same type of pain?

What BELIEFS are these patterns reinforcing?

Why is that pattern there? What pain or fear is it trying to protect you from?

If you are not getting the results you want and you seem to attract the same unavoidable pain...

Know that it IS possible to get to the other side by doing the work required:

1. IDENTIFY the pattern. Look at repetitive painful results from your past/present and ask yourself questions.

2. UNDERSTAND that this pattern was initially there to protect you but it is time for it to go.

3. DEFINE a desire outcome. Turn around the situation. Describe in detail what you rather experience instead.

4. Say out loud WHAT you want and WHY you want it with INTENTION. Repeat this step until you feel within you the weight of your words.

5. Express GRATITUDE for the opportunity to grow and learn.

This is a simple exercise that can bring great insight to your life.

Break the pattern... liberate yourself from your own imprisonment.