It's Okay To Want To Quit


If you want to grow to the next level of you.

You are going to have to break the current you.

Whatever you are doing now.

Whatever you are thinking.

Whatever your excuses are.

Whatever your feelings or emotions.

They have to go.

To create room for the new habits, the new thoughts, the new emotions, the new mindset of the new you.

This process is incredibly painful.

The process of creation.

The process of recreation.

The process of commitment not to who we are currently.

But to who we will become.

If you FEEL like you want to quit.

Ask yourself...

What are the possibilities if I push further?

What are the possibilities if I make it through this stage?

What is awaiting for me?

What is required for me to step up?

What is the possibility I will be saying NO to if I quit?

Remember why you started.

Are you committed to your results?

Or are you committed to your comfort?

Name a time you wanted to give up.