Writing Clarifies Thought

TQ19236_goal setting.jpg

My good friend and mentor, Scott DeLong would tell me, “Writing clarifies thought.”

I would show up with a pile of problems spewing out of my mouth... and he would say “come back after you have written it all out and the options.”

Then I started actually Journaling out the issues...

I would write out all my thoughts on what the problem was...

WHAT needed to change.

WHAT ideas I had about an issue.

and WHEN I was actually going to do something about it.

As I would go through this and also clear the triggers associated (AKA release the anger, the fear, the doubt, the uncertainty)... I would start to gain a sense of peace around the issues.

In this moment, my mind would and still does get clear enough to make the correct decision.

And the crazy thing about this whole process is I truly started to learn to trust my own INTUITION. MY OWN DECISIONS. MY OWN THOUGHTS on what I thought the direction should be.

Literally, feel a sense of relief and control of the situation as my mind started to go into an organization mode.

Once I could actually SEE all the crap that has been bouncing around in my head, I could begin to prioritize what actually needed to happen.

And then it’s time to take ACTION.

THEN … It was Game Time..

My mind would be clear to take the actions needed to execute on what I truly needed to change the shitty situation I had to deal with.

I promise you this... A few minutes of journaling out your thoughts on paper will save you hours of wasted mental masturbation on any topic you keep vacillating on.