The Money Pit

How many times when you are trying to build a company...

Or build anything really that is significant.

Your family.

Your relationship.

Your body.

Your spirituality.

Something somewhere is blowing up? 💣

Some disaster is occurring or about to occur...

Some fire is going off somewhere.

You can’t even make these stories up.

Once we have taken responsibility for what we can control of any situation...

Really all we can do... is reframe life with a bit of humor and gratefulness.

When a problem is not framed as a problem anymore but as an OPPORTUNITY to grow...

the game changes.

When we identify a struggle as a chance to become better,

to do better,

to course correct,

to connect even deeper,

to gain even more profound revelations about ourselves and the world around us...

then the game REALLY changes.

And the shift starts as soon as you shift your perspective and language.

Are you cursed with problems and set backs?


Are you blessed with the opportunity to learn new lessons and experience growth

You choose how you frame your reality.

What will your choice be?