What People Do Not Talk About


Catch this.

The more you grow your business and scale in life...

The more darkness you will have to deal with.

If you’re the most truthful person in the room, you are going to be the most powerful.

If your body is on point and your mind is clear, you are going to exude confidence.

And you are going to be a freaking magnet.

People are going to want to network with you, they are going to want to do business with you

they are going to want to buy your book.

They are going to be like, “Who is this LIGHT?”

BUT what people don’t talk about in motivational speeches or seminars is the 🤬 you have to deal with.

The dark side of success.

The pressure

This is part of the challenge.

You’re going to have to deal with pissed off people hating you at almost any given second of the day.

You are going to have to deal with lawsuits.

People quitting on you.

Bigger problems than you ever thought you might be able to handle.

No matter what your message is, you are going to offend somebody.

The more you want to grow your business, the more crap you are going to have to deal with in the process.

And that goes for all of us.

So it’s imperative to take care of your mental well-being every day.

Make meditation a priority.

Clear your emotional triggers.

That way, you can be sure to keep yourself in a state of power everyday as you continue on your path of 
success. 💯