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“Monday I grind.

Tuesday I grind.

Wednesday I grind.

Thursday I grind.

Friday I grind.

Saturday I grind.

Sunday I grind.”

Love this song by Eric Thomas The Hip Hop Preacher!! It used to be my morning alarm ringtone a few years ago.

It’s all about putting in the daily work.

Intention, action and persistence over time will give you the results you are looking for.

1. Your INTENTION is the powerful mix between your goals, your focus and your determination.

2. Your ACTIONS create the movement to actually push your life forward towards that intention.

3. Intention + Actions + PERSISTENCE = massive results.

Show up every day.

Motivate yourself constantly.

Make it a point to stay PERSISTENT over long periods of time.

Make it a point to energize yourself so you can stay persistent for days, months, years.

Do what’s necessary to feel the fire of your why in your mind, your soul, your blood. 🔥

To feel the energy of your voice.

Of the voice speaking into you.

On a daily basis. On a regular basis. Rather often than sometimes.

Remember: Motivation is like water.... we NEED IT every day. 💦

What do you...

...Listen to?




to keep yourself motivated?

to pump yourself up to keep grinding?